Client: US Forest Service

Location: San Bernardino National Forest, Front Country Ranger District, CA

Year of Completion: 2013

Scope of Project

GeomorphIS staff and subcontractors are supporting the US Forest Service in the completion of a Categorical Exclusion (CE) for the Boa Prescription Burn project on the San Bernardino National Forest in southern California. The Front Country Ranger District is proposing the hazardous fuels reduction project in an area with native chaparral and non-native vegetation. The 814-acre project is located above the community of Lytle Creek and Keenbrook, California. The project is designed to reduce fire risk for these communities and to reduce the risk to watershed, visual, and wildlife resources by reducing hazardous fuels on the National Forest.

The work is being conducted to comply with the NEPA, NFMA, CWA, ESA, and NHPA, among other federal and state regulations. GeomorphIS staff members are following procedures prescribed in the Forest Service Handbook and are developing the CE consistent with the Forest Plan. GeomorphIS has been responsible for coordinating the project Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT), facilitating meetings, preparing fire-fuels, soil-hydrology, air quality, and biology assessments and reports, coordinating public involvement, mailing scoping letters, and preparing the decision documents. The project team includes foresters, watershed and soils scientists, wildlife biologists, GIS specialists, among others.