The US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region (R-5, California) has awarded GeomorphIS one of four Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) to provide natural resources and professional services to the 18 National Forests within the region. The BPA was awarded against GeomorphIS’ GSA Professional Services Schedule contract (Special Item Number 899-1).

According to the Statement of Work, this “BPA shall provide scientific and professional services contributing to the vegetation management program, and other professional services used for land and resource management by the USDA Forest Service and other government entities. Work under the awarded BPAs may relate to the following typical subject areas. This list is not all inclusive: National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Support; Data Collection and Analysis; Natural Resource Studies; Minerals and Geology; Water Resources; Air Quality and Smoke Management; Timber – Vegetation – Silviculture; Fuels Reduction and Treatments; Fisheries and Wildlife; Scenery Management; Landscape Analysis and Watershed Assessments; Recreation; Heritage Resource Surveys and Studies; Socio-Economic Studies;  Lands; Geographic Information System.”